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  1. Hi! Thank you for reaching out so quickly. Below, I have attached a zip file with the two songs (in FLAC format) to demonstrate. I have also attached the exported settings from my phone and an explanation audio that I recorded showing the difference in transition (explanation.wav). I have also included the .cue and .m3u files of the album because I'm not sure how Poweramp handles those and if they could maybe be behind the problem. Since the forum doesn't like large zips, here's a Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bK4yz4cSV40ixAJchSUTDAYQgN1NrVpn/view?usp=sharing
  2. I'm using v3 build 826 When playing a song with another song lined up in queue (such as when playing through an album), the last few moments of the song (less than a second) are skipped as the player moves onto the next song. I have set all the cross-fade settings to as low as they can go (but they're never 0). This is a problem for songs that have things going on until the last moment or ones that link between other songs. I have experienced this with FLAC files.
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