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  1. I just got an Android Auto-compatible car. Is there a way to play a folder with voice commands? I can tell it to play the first song on the album, but it stops after the first song. Saying "Play [album name]" doesn't work. I can't get it to do anything but play a single song. It doesn't want to let me manually pick a folder with the car's joystick while I'm driving either.
  2. I use folders to sort my music. I have an album where I had 3 of the songs from a Greatest Hits compilation and then later bought the rest of the songs on the album by themselves. The filenames are 01-Song 1, 02-Song 2, etc. so in a music folder they are in the correct order. Poweramp is sorting them by the album though (02-Greatest Hits, 05-Greatest Hits, 07 Greatest Hits, 01-Album , 03-Album , etc.) and I can't find an option to sort by filename. (another example is an album where the play order is different than released - the filenames are numbered in the custom order but Poweramp is very corporate-minded and plays them in released order). Is there a way to sort a folder by filename?
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