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  1. Something like this: http://download.rockbox.org/manual/rockbox-ipodvideo/rockbox-buildch7.html#x10-1260007.8 Of course, there could be a basic and advanced crossfade setup for those who don't want to deal with all that complexity. L
  2. Hi, I have a few things I would like to do but I don't know how. Are the following possible? * can I SAVE a shuffled list? I shuffle and don't often add new music but for some reason, my list is reshuffled and starts over. I want to prevent that. * I used another app (player pro) which saved lyrics in files. The same lyrics are not found by musicXmatch. The lyrics contain html codes. How can Poweramp display the lyrics correctly? * once in a while I want to queue a podcast within my music, but I don't want the podcast to be part of myllibrary (I don't want them shuffled). Can I do that? * can audio notifications occur without stopping the music? For example, the default player lowers the volume but doesn't stop playing the song. * some album art is not found because the album name contains extra info (for example "disc 1"). How can I change the search criteria used to locate the album art, and make sure the change applies to all the songs in that album? As it stands, it looks like album art is linked to a song, not an album. Or maybe I am doing something wrong. Thanks, L
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