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  1. I have indeed, but they don't tackle the main issue for me. "Album Artist Label for Albums" is useful when browsing the normal "Artists" category to identify the group of each album they participated in (and just more logical than the alternative), but doesn't affect the "Album Artists" category when enabled/disabled. And "Album Artist Label for Tracks" is exactly what I don't want lol What you say I agree with 100%. "Album Artist" performs the main role of grouping all songs of different artist fields properly, so it not only will have much less detail than the Artist field, but sometimes it may even be confusing (a single track showing it's artist field as "Various Artists" probably won't convey much to the user).
  2. Hello! I've been using Poweramp for a while, and I'm really growing accustomed to it (especially with the native Hi-Fi output support, no more static in high impedance mode as I used to get on other players). But this specific issue has been bothering me, and it seems like I'm not the only one. Looking it up brings me this post, this post, and this recent reply (and now that I look at it, with @invaderzim on all of them. Hello!). Though I'm making a new post because I don't want to necro/hijack the other ones. I'm not sure how dependent most people are on the separate definitions of Artist and Album Artist, but for 90% of my music, it's pretty much essential. Most of my music are groups consisting of several artists, so not being able to see the Artist tag really handicaps my browsing efficiency. For example, an album by HARDCORE TANO*C: The first is the what you see when entering the "Album" category or using the search function, while the second is what you see in the "Album Artist" category. It makes it much harder to identify each track, and if I was looking for "that one song Hommarju did in that album by TANO*C", if I didn't remember the track name immediately I'd have guess-click the various tracks until I find it (which I can't even do if I didn't want to interrupt the playing song and wanted to add the song into my queue). Aside from this, I also think repeating the album artist for each track is fairly redundant, and showing more detail won't hurt. EDIT: It would also make sense for this setting to carry over to the player too, as in if this was enabled, the album artist won't replace the artist on the screen. Anyways, thanks again!
  3. Great news! Thanks for the consideration, this really is great. Anyways, It's been a few days now, and after lots of time configuring the player, I'm liking Poweramp very much. There are some little things I have issues with, but I'll give it a while before make a post (after tinkering with the settings further). Thanks again.
  4. As I thought, then. Well, the article you linked is very informative (how did I miss this?). This means PNG isn't support nor detected normally either? Well, the <4MB rule probably makes 70% of PNG files unloadable anyways... but it's still surprising. If that's the case, I guess I can't be expecting official WebP anytime soon. Getting off topic, but as for my outlook on Google pushing new file formats...honestly WebP is pretty good. Strikes down PNG, JPG, and especially GIF (full color, high quality animated images with an alpha channel and much smaller size? Sign me up!) in terms of internet use. I've also been using Opus@96kbps on the go for years now (not developed by Google but part of their WebM specifications along with VP9), pretty much transparent to my ears and darn small. Anyways, as much as I'd like to use WebP, I guess it's too impractical to expect support for something in such insignificant number and size as...album art. For the time being, I'll just revert to jpg. Thanks for the response and information!
  5. Hello, new user of Poweramp here! I'm still getting accustomed to everything and going through all the settings, but one thing I've noticed is that my WebP album arts aren't detected automatically. Selecting it manually in the album art picker works though. Doing some further testing, renaming "cover.webp" to "cover.jpg" lets Poweramp detect the image successfully. I don't know if support for this is intentional or not (maybe not, since it's simply supported by Android natively), but I assume fixing this would simply be adding *.webp as a valid image extension to attempt to load. Anyways, thanks for your hard work! I've attached a webp image in case you want to do some testing yourself. I'm starting to shift to WebP from JPEG/PNG because of its massive efficiency lossless/lossy, so I hope this is considered. EDIT: Forgot to add device information, my bad. Device: LG V20 (H990DS) Android Version: 7.0 ROM: SuperV20 by Dudeawsome (Stock-based) Build: 826 artworks-000218649233-ir49n1-original.webp
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