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  1. In my library, in the artist's directory, there is a file called folder.jpg (it looks like the name doesn't matter), which is responsible for the artist's image. However, unfortunately, Poweramp for some reason does not know how to automatically select these covers, and takes one of the album covers as the artist's image. The gist of the proposal: why doesn't Poweramp select the artist file from the artist directory automatically?
  2. build-893-arm64-play mi 9t android-10 official pe+ I've noticed a couple of problems with artist and album covers in Poweramp. If you select a widescreen image (not square), while setting the option in the settings that is responsible for maintaining the proportions in the "square" mode, then when you try to drag the screen content down on the artist tab (artist or album artist - select any artist with a widescreen cover) the image shifts to the right and appears to be slightly down. I can attach a gif if necessary. I already noticed this on the album tab, but, perhaps, the error is inherent in other tabs as well. If you change the scaling of the list with gestures (from pictures to a list without them), then with the same attempt to pull the contents of the screen down, the cover also somehow twitches, although this is no longer so obvious.
  3. I understand you very well. Have been creating a topic for some time with a request for this function, but, unfortunately, it is still not implemented (and will it be at all)?
  4. But this can be realized? Save this information to a database and operate on the data in it, for example. In addition, as far as I have noticed, although I may be wrong, Poweramp cannot import playlists. In the settings, some option is available related to the system playlists, but I couldn't do anything with it.
  5. Yes, it would be cool to see this for playlists, because now it is not very convenient to use. This sorting behavior seems strange. I would like to be able to sort by the time of adding to the playlist (or in the order of adding additions, if you like) - this looks logical and is most familiar to the user.
  6. I don't use queue. I have a playlist where I save favourite tracks and import it to other devices.
  7. Please make it possible by default to add an item to the beginning of the playlist. It is completely inconvenient to use sorting every time - after adding the next track. In addition, there are some problems with it: I need the tracks to be displayed in the reverse order of addition, however, when I try to do this manually, some songs change their original positions. For example, after adding three songs, I manually activate sorting in the order of addition (in theory, the tracks should have the same positions before turning on the reverse order), and the second track swaps places with the third.
  8. As a solution, can, for example, reduce the size of the scroll bar to a state in which it will be noticeable and there will be no need for various margins.
  9. First of all, I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful player: I have been using it for many years, I have been enjoying the update for more than a year, but for all its merits, I would like to share my suggestions on modifying the functionality. * Sort albums by release time In the "Album Artist" category, albums are sorted by year and not by date, which causes some discomfort, because, for example, an album released in the same year, but a little earlier than the single, is displayed first (sorting by year in the reverse order ) The essence of the proposal: replace "by year" with "by date" or add a separate item "by date" (music is converted to "opus", if that may be important). * The behavior of a black / dark theme on different software On some devices (Mi 9T PE Q), with the dark theme turned on, the settings menu has a completely black background, while on others (Mi 9T MIUI 11 P, Q), gray. The essence of the proposal: to come to a unified design style for all types of software (I really want to see a black background on MIUI). * Useless hiding the status bar in the settings When the option "hide the status bar" is active, part of the menu items («audio» - «audio info») hide the status bar unnecessarily. The essence of the proposal: do not hide the status bar in the settings or unnecessarily. * Select cover art for artists The Poweramp algorithm, which selects an artist’s cover from an array of albums, is not very obvious. In addition, unfortunately, the choice can not always be considered successful. The essence of the proposal: by default, select the image of the last album as the artist’s cover or provide the ability to manually select the cover from the available albums (yes, this can be done by selecting the album cover image file in Explorer, but this is not very convenient and not always possible - sometimes the covers are built-in) * "All album artist songs" item in album view A convenient feature, but, in my opinion, overloads the interface (for example, by duplicating the artist’s cover). The essence of the proposal: to redesign the look (to make it more plain) or move to another place (open by clicking on the cover of the artist, located at the top, where the name of the group / artist and other information is indicated). * Appearance of lists in the modes: "list - compact" and "list" Firstly, it seems that the intermediate value is missing. Let's say the first option is too compact, and the second is too large. Secondly, the lists look a little unsympathetic (exclusively subjective impression), especially noticeable when the track is active, when it is highlighted in the list. The selection seems to be asymmetrical and not too obvious - perhaps large fillets create such an effect. The essence of the proposal: add a medium-sized version, and as for the second - look at the attached image - the backlight is asymmetrical and, in my opinion, ugly - as if merging with the background and other elements of the player. * Listening counter The player counts the listening immediately after opening the file, which introduces a serious inaccuracy in the data, because even with an active pause, switching over tracks within the same album counts as one playback. The essence of the proposal: add a threshold (a percentage of the total length, for example), after overcoming which listening will be counted.
  10. It is below the text and sometimes goes beyond the border of the cover. Previously, as I recall, this was not - it was higher
  11. v3-827 EUI (default LeEco ROM) Android 6
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