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  1. As you all know putting together playlists is very difficult and time consuming and it wouldbe a shame to have to lose it all because I've replaced a phone that was broken. I was hoping someone migth be able to help me getting my playlists to work for my player. I restored my backup data onto my new S7 and I thought it backed up all my playlists. The only problem was when I tried to play a song from the playlist it would come up with "Failed to play - Storage unmounted", I have a new SD cards but I transfered all of the songs from the old one onto the new one in the exact same way and haven't changed the actual files. So is it just a question of changing the filepath so that it everything gets picked up, how do I "mount" the storage. Does it have something to do with the file format of the playlists - m3u8? Don't know if this is the right place to be asking for advice but would appreciate any help. Thanks, AJ
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