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  1. @maxmp The build you sent me works! 24-bit 192kHz is now fully functional, works with the builtin Snap 855 DAC and the LG Quad DAC. You got a donation link?
  2. I also did a fresh install of build-826 just to double check it wasn't an in place install issue.
  3. @maxmp Thanks for the reply, I downloaded the 826 build yesterday and it doesn't give me the option for hi res output with the built in 855 DAC or the LG Quad DAC enabled.
  4. LG G8 ThinQ (Verizon) (Snapdragon 855) Android 9.0 Audio Policies attached, I think the 'IO' one is for the 32 bit DAC. audio_io_policy[1].conf audio_policy[1].conf
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