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    Add echo effect

    Because I'll consider purchasing the full app license as well as more people that like these features, therefore you'll make more money.
  2. paisano117

    Add echo effect

    Please consider this Poweramp devs, I really want this feature
  3. paisano117

    Add echo effect

    no not the echo preset in reverb it's not the same, I'm not asking for 2 reverb effects playing simultaneously ether. I want that separate echo effect that loops and fades that dj apps have.
  4. paisano117

    Add echo effect

    Can you add an echo effect where you can adjust the delay time, feedback and send signal? I'm not talking about the echo preset in reverb, and also make it so you can enable 2 effects at the same time(I like having both reverb and echo on) and also add BPM detection as this helps the echo effect sound correctly. feedback: the amount the echo fades each time it loops send: how much signal to send into the effect