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  1. Being able to edit genres, like leaving only the ones that the person really listens to most and being able to add and remove them, so it would be easier when going to edit the genre tag instead of looking through so many genres.

  2. Antes eu usava o Poweramp em um Samsung J5 Prime e o equalizador e o timbre funcionavam perfeitamente tanto nos agudos quanto nos graves, agora tenho um Moto G7 Play e o equalizador e o timbre não funciona mais como no J5, porque quando eu principalmente aumenta o baixo, só diminui o som e deixa o baixo que mesmo os outros músicos não equalizam. Como já testei OpenSL ES, OpenSL ES em alta resolução e AudioTrack e não muda nada, como resolver isso?


  3. I always leave the option for music to continue when I plug in the headset. More than a few versions here is bugged, because when I connect the phone the notification is white as in the screenshot and to return to normal have to pause and play again.

    Screenshot_20191013-223810_Nova Launcher.jpg

  4. On 4/15/2019 at 11:28 PM, HoratioAlgerIII said:

    I too experience this problem, where Now Playing shows the wrong song. This has been happening since I upgraded to V3. I've added and deleted numerous tracks since then, but the issue remains.

    What seems to happen is that the "wrong" track displayed in Now Playing relates to the same ordinal track number in the "All Songs" list as viewed from the main screen. So, if I play Track 1 of an album, what Now Playing shows is the first track from the All Songs list. Track 2 of the album I'm listening to is displayed as the 2nd track in the All Songs list. Because the All Songs list is displayed and presumably stored in alphabetical order, the tracks displayed in Now Playing tend to be those that begin with non-alpha characters (if such are present on the phone), because they come first in the All Songs list, alphabetically speaking.

    On my phone, I have the Lemon Jelly album "'64' - '95", each track of which starts with "'" and a 2-digit number representing an abbreviated year. I see the track list of this album appear sequentially in Now Playing almost every time I start the app.

    Sometimes, if I minimise the app, or restart it, the problem goes away and the correct song is displayed in Now Playing.

    Hope this adds a little to the discussion!

    I also realized that this is it. I think they should focus on getting this straight.

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