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  1. Can you fix this for genres too. I d/l'ed the latest version and I thought the above fix would fix this for genres but it doesn't.
  2. Sorry, still doesn't work when trying to shuffle a genre. V3-830 on a stock LG Escape 3 running Android 6.0. Still getting the "shuffle songs and categories" flyover when I hit the shuffle button. From that other thread, it sounded like the issue was fixed. What was said was that the issue was fixed for artists. I figured the issue would be fixed for genres too. Apparently not.
  3. Reading the link to the other discussion above it seems this issue has been fixed. I uninstalled my present player and installed the latest version and it does seem to be fixed. Thanks so much for this and sorry to have bothered you about this.
  4. Sorry, but that just doesn't work. I hit shuffle and a song from the category starts playing and a flyover pops up and says "shuffle all songs and categories". And then it plays songs from all categories, exactly what I don't want it to do. Neither does it work if you choose play first then hit shuffle. If I long press on shuffle, choosing "shuffle all" or "shuffle songs" again plays everything. And why the extra step of hitting "all <category> songs"? I've already done that when I chose the category. It's a stupid, redundant step to take. Now, either my installation is bad which I doubt because others are complaining about the same thing, or this version of the player has a serious problem.
  5. Adding: This is my usual method of playing. Thinking I'm going to have to choose a different player if this issue isn't corrected. Frankly, everything about this new version seems to have been made more difficult. KISS.
  6. Same issue here. It was so simple to do in the old version. Don't understand why this was made so difficult.
  7. Sorry for not getting back sooner. I D/Led a 25 minute podcast and playing from the D/L folder worked fine. Apparently the problem happens with larger files, which are usually over an hour.
  8. Tried that. Even shut the phone down and rebooted between doing so. No difference.
  9. The path is the phone's standard memory, Internal Storage/Download. I don't know about changing file or folder permissions on an android OS. Like I said, it used to work fine. The files themselves are all podcasts of at least an hour in length and play fine in the standard android music player, which sucks because the player must always remain on top to play.
  10. LG Escape 3/K373 Android 6.0 Poweramp V. 3, Build 823 I have two folders checked in the folders hierarchy, Downloads in the phone's memory, and Music on the SD card. I've triple checked the folders are chosen and done several full rescans. Poweramp will not show or recognize the Download folder to allow me to choose files from there. If I go to the download folder, choose a file, and choose Poweramp to play it, Poweramp pops up but then does nothing, just showing the last file played. This used to work on the prior version but I'm not sure when it stopped working. Bug has been reported but any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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