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  1. Most popular apps do a good job of adjusting to the size of the screen and different devices. I think that for Poweramp and its super talented developers it is largely achievable. In my opinion, they have not looked at it for the moment. It would be a shame to be limited to only one type of device.
  2. It's strange because I have no problem with compatibility with other applications. On Android TV, the app is not available on the Store, but it is possible to install the apk file. but the app does not fit well with a large screen as well as a remote control.
  3. OnePlus 6 : Android 9 Asus Chromebook : Android 7.1 Xiaomi Mi Box 3S : Android 8.1
  4. I'ts important that your app is available on multiple devices. Personally, I have in my possession a lot of devices like most people. A Smartphone ( OnePlus6 with Android ), PC ( Asus C302 Chromebook compatible with Play Store ), SmartWatch ( Ticwatch C2 with Android Wear ), Android TV Box ( Xiaomi Mi Box 3S ), and and even Android Auto in my car ( Toyota ). But unfortunately, except Smartphone and Android Auto, the application is not available on any other device. There is an application on Chromebook (Tablet), but it is a very old version compared to that available on smartphone. It would be great for you to support all these platforms, to be available on the entire Google ecosystem.
  5. Hello, Firts of all, thank you very much for your great app ! It's definitely the best music player on Android. However, it still lacks a crucial feature to make the application perfect. Today, the use of streaming and cloud is very important. and this will only intensify in the years to come with the 5G that will be available soon. It would be great if your application could read our libraries stored in the cloud via Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc, as does the CloudPlayer application. You're probably aware that this feature is available natively in Google Play Music. But unfortunately, Google Play Music will disappear and make way for Youtube Music, and this great functionality should surely be removed. A lot of users are complaining about the disappearance of this feature. It would be an opportunity for you to recover a lot of users sinvous offer this opportunity. Me including.
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