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  1. Ready!!!! i have to select the two options and press play buttom!!! Nice!!!!
  2. Yes, but when i return to another playlist how can i resume it? There is no option and no signal to know which is the last track played like im the queue. Also, what is the difference between the two options you refeer? Thanks a lot
  3. Hello I use power amp to listen ppdcast, I have them ordered by folders or playlists. The problem is, when I change from one ppdcast program to another, I don't know how to resume the previous playlist because I don't know where I left listening that program. I think it could be nice adding a feature to the playlists to keep the position of last playback, by colouring listened items or something similar. This features are present in the queue so a solution could be adding the option to "save as" to the queue.
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