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  1. I've observed that PA has made a number of updates over the past few weeks. Hopefully, some of the "bug fixes and stability improvements" involve this rapid battery drainage. Only time & testing will tell the cumulative effect of these changes.
  2. @BebopLifa, I appreciate your direct challenge. @maxmp, let us help fix it?!
  3. @maxmp, Point well taken. the excessive battery usage may be a combination of PA v3 in connection with something else &/or the interaction with the android OS. However, v3 is definitely involved one way or another. It should also be noted that I do not experience this poor battery performance with other top music players (e.g., Pi Music Player, BlackPlayer Music Player EX). Hopefully, resolution of this growing problem is nearby. FYI, my other specs... Wifi/ON, Google FI/LTE, BT/ON connected to OnePlus Bullets Wireless earbuds. P2XL, android 9
  4. Pixel 2 XL (P2XL), Android 9. First, Poweramp (PA) music player is excellent. I've thoroughly enjoyed your top-tier player for over five years and it has been worth every penny. PA v3 is even better, with a modern audio engine, up-to-date look & feel. Except for one major problem: excessive battery usage. For me, this problem is a deal breaker as I often use the player on a daily basis for several hours (4-6 hours daily). I'm highly confident that the problem stems from v3. Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine the root cause. During my recent 10-day evaluation (5 days using v3 build 823 versus 5 days uninstalling v3 and reverting to v2.0.10, build 588), below is a summary of my results: In v3, the average daily battery consumption per hour ~20% according to my battery usage in my P2XL. In other words, after 4 hours of playing time, my phone battery level would be under 25%, even with my "battery saver" mode enabled. In addition, with v3, all suspected options potentially causing excessive battery consumption were turned off/disabled (e.g., scan/rescan, visualization, background, etc.) and my P2XL "battery saver" mode was turned on, plus my screen brightness was lowered to 50%. No Chromecast. Phone gets very warm under v3, not warm at all for v2. In contrast, v2, I simply used all of the Default settings, no battery saver and my brightness was set at 90%. The average battery consumption per hour about 5%. In other words, after 4+hour daily usage, my battery level was between 75-80%. Both results were consistent each day over the testing period, all else being equal. @maxmp, I recognized that you have not been able to re-produce this problem. However, it's clear to me that v3 is causing my battery drainage problem. I'd be more than willing to assist you in any way to resolve this major issue. I look forward to using PA v3 on a regular basis without it draining my battery excessively. Notwithstanding this issue, keep up the good work!
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