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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Nonetheless, its not been working exclusively for Poweramp, so clearly the BT IS connecting for other devices. Possible good news is that I removed my bluetooth devices from the phone entirely and re-paired them. Working now! Just enabling and reenabling, and restarting phone etc was not sufficient. If this does not stick I will report back. Hmm, still sounds to me like Poweramp was exclusively not "seeing" BT. I dont think I claimed that it was preventing BT from "connecting" to my phone.
  2. Same issues here. BT is simply not connecting, its invisible to the app. App is now useless. Refund please? All other apps on my Galaxy S8+ unrooted phone see BT, Phonograph music player works with BT flawlessly. ONLY Poweramp is not finding the BT, and only in the last 2 weeks. No idea what changed. My Pie update was 2 months ago, so is not as simple as that. Latest Poweramp version of course - but Poweramp Build 826. All apps and OS on my phone are updated at all times.
  3. Yes, thanks. However, while I am happy, it should NOT be this difficult. Some of the powers of this app are truly buried, of course, in my view.
  4. I do not. I meant its a single parent folder. Under this is genre folders, then artist subfolders, then album folders. I meant they are not scattered over multiple locations.
  5. Or a 5 min youtube clip would cover all the above... (and most other players do not have a forum like this!)
  6. Yes I know. I like them a lot. I said they were not present in Phonograph.
  7. Sure, I found that easily. Add one track at a time? out of 20,000?? no thanks. How would I add all songs on my device (in a single folder).
  8. Thanks. Clear now (on this point). But hardly intuitive!
  9. Those 53 files were indeed in the queue. I did not recall putting them there. After hunting to find where to do this, I cleared the queue and rebooted. That seemed to both solve problems a) and b), so far. It now seems to remember where I last closed the app, keeps playing. Good. Thanks. So the queue overrides everything, including play all songs? Strange. As said by others in the link you provided, using playlists is awkward and cumbersome. I have to remake it to add 1 track to 20033 of them? For me this is counter-intuitive. Whats simpler than play all the darn songs in random order? How do I make a play list? I just hunted 10 min and give up. I found how to clear them, not make them. Regarding my point i) i) where can you see whats upcoming or recently played in the shuffle list? I now found it AFTER that link you provided, and first: changing the sorting "By shuffle order". Never in a million years would I have found that. then second: go to Library -> All Songs, which now displays the play order. Anyway, thanks! In my view, this app need serious ease-of-use medicine! But its definitely visually pleasing and feature-rich. Phonograph is much better for all these issues I raised, and equally pretty, no forums needed (for me at least), but no visualisations.
  10. I just paid up for Poweramp. I like the interface. Hate the shuffle. I've spent waaay too much time on it. I'm about to give up. I have 20,033 songs (ALL on a card, ALL in one main folder). I hit shuffle all, and its fine. Great. Excellent. So I paid up. However, after I close and reopen, it: a) forgets where it was before b) plays 2 songs only (1/20033, then 2/20033), THEN goes to the same artist each time and shuffles them instead (1/53 etc). Every darn time. I am not accidentally touching the screen, its in a cradle. Both of these are design dealbreakers for me. It seems others here have related issues, perhaps its exactly the same, I'm not sure. I found another thread where you said "However restarting the app from cold will most likely trigger a reshuffle (which means you could possibly hear a track that you heard during a previous session again). The easiest way to tell is to check the track numbering, which increments with each song played in a list." Personally, I find this really really limiting and renders the app close to useless for my needs. Cant remember where it was? Pretty limiting. I have many other minor requests, or maybe I am missing, but the top three are: i) where can you see whats upcoming or recently played in the shuffle list? ii) How can I enlarge the font for the album and track names? iii) love the visualisations, but can their play speed be slowed down?
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