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  1. Hello Mrmahdi coming soon, The theme is finished, there is only the launch interface to do. Aero mode is great. Wait wait wait 😉
  2. http://www.k-upload.fr/afficher-video-2019-05-06-1225ae1bcsvid20190506.mp4.html
  3. You're wrong I bought Poweramp and the skin, the only problem I could not find the skin apk so I searched on google and I found it in apk. That being said I solved my problem all by myself and so much more. So before insinuating that I hack 😉 request before. Thank you
  4. Hello, with Android Studio I have the same problem the files seem encrypted.
  5. Hello Flying, So here I do not understand anything, I'm a php programmer javascripts, but on dreamweaver the files seem encrypted. For the skin I use the base of the skin Wood. Can not find where to change the color of the buttons.
  6. Hello you know what are the files to modify to change the colors of the controls and buttons? Thanks
  7. Hello I need a little help, someone knows how to prevent the wallpaper stretches because it is deformed. Best regards
  8. Hello, I hesitate in the choice of buttons 😀
  9. Hello Please just to be wait, coming soon 😀 PROMO
  10. Hello My first theme for Poweramp V3 New Event / coming soon / 😀
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