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  1. I like the look of that condensed/minimalistic waveform seekbar in the opening post. Personally I use the simple seekbar in PA because I find the current waveform seekbar too big/dominating for my taste, but if there was an option with a condensed/small waveform seekbar like the one above I very well might have used that instead.

  2. Thanks for the swift response and tip. I checked the PA setting you mentioned and changing the sub-setting 'Short Audio Focus Change / Calls' from 'on' to 'off' (it was 'on') seems to have resolved the issue. I now tested many sections on the aforementioned websites that have auto-play and which caused PA audio-drop/play-pause for me and now PA works smoothly and well again which is excellent.

  3. I have this issue on my mobile phone at times when playing PA. Perhaps it is not a bug per se but rather some compatibility problem on some websites. I have noticed it primarily when browsing on 2 national newspaper online sites in Norway that I visit daily. What often happens when I browse those webpages is that PA either pauses completely and I have to push play again to get the music going again, or (happens most often) the volume momentarily decreases and then returns to normal levels when I stop browsing.

    I have tested on many other websites I frequent and the problem does not occur there from my experience. What makes these aforementioned websites different from many others I browse is, from what I can deduce, that they have more ads, pop-ups and newscasts / bulletins with sound (often auto-play) and I wonder if this perhaps causes some kind of compatibility issue with PA? Or is there some setting I need to tweak somewhere in PA for this to work smoothly? Anyone have any ideas?

    Let me add that I did not have the same issues when playing PA on my previous phone, but that was with an older phone and older Android version (Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Android 7).

  4. Nice! This is the closest I have seen so far to the type of 'stylish' PA v3 metal-skin I have been looking for. The deck player rectangle buttons and main UI is retro-cool, but I would

    have loved 'standard/default buttons' (play, rewind etc) in gold metal in the main UI and artist+title beneath the album-picture (though it would have gone against the retro-idea).

  5. I understand. I have sent them another email regarding this matter, a reply to their reply-email to me from a few days ago. You or your interaction has not been mentioned in my email, it is my business only. Will see if they respond the same as last time. If they do, I - and probably many other PA v3 users around the world - will then have to go to one of their competitors for good v3 skins and the loss is theirs.

  6. @andrewilley Can you or Max confirm if what the aforementioned developer (scapemode) says in the received email (in part copied above) is true, that they have written to you several times reg. PA templates for v3 skins and that there is some sort of problem which stops them from creating v3 skins. If they have been successfully creating an abundance of PA skins for almost 8 years and are eager to create new ones for PA v3, one would think it would be in everyone's interest (developer, PA and users) to find a solution.

  7. 5 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

    Why not post a reference to which v2 skin(s) we are talking about so we can see what was so special about them.

    Thanks for your response. I did not know whether it was allowed/approved here to post reference to developer/skin.

    Developer is scapemode, skin in question is called 'MENTALIST Poweramp skin V2' but could ref. any of their skins.

    They have 80+ skins at Google Play and seem professional to me. That is why this whole matter seems so strange.

  8. On the same topic, I just contacted a third party PA skin developer (not sure if I am allowed to name them here, but I have the info if you wish) who had great/intricate PA v2 skins imo, asking if they had plans to make similar PA v3 skins, and here is a quote from their long answer by email: @maxmp



    we've tried everything for months and really done our best but Poweramp does not give us a template to work with, so it's impossible to update the skins.
    We have written to Poweramp several times and have asked them why they are not helping us, 
    unfortunately Poweramp got only one answer with a link leading to a page where you get an unacceptable template for creating and updating the skins for V3
    We've been dealing with it for almost 6 months now and we're starting to feel like they no longer want us to design or update skins for Poweramp.
    That's why we get bad reviews and our revenues are getting less. Believe me, it's not up to us, we'd like to update the skins.
    We do not understand why Poweramp does that, maybe they want to design their own skins. 
    We have been creating Poweramp skins for almost 8 years and find it very sad that they want to end this way. 
    We also know that Poweramp has benefited greatly from our designs, so we do not understand that
    Although it is not our fault, I apologize for the inconvenience
    If you want to complain, please contact Poweramp Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com


  9. 6 hours ago, maxmp said:

    This message is OK, as Samsung firmware detects any background process which lives long, and Poweramp process does indeed live long to play in background as much as needed.

    Actual battery usage can be seen in battery stats.



    Thanks for the feedback, Max.

    I will keep an eye on battery usage when I have heavier use of Poweramp (f.ex. very long listening session many hours one day).

  10. 1 hour ago, Larry 609 said:


    @Malagant Appreciate the heads up. I'm assuming it didn't help much with the battery issue though? The error message isn't too common for me, so I might hold off on changing anything until something's resolved on the battery end. Assuming that's sooner than later.

    Glad to help. No, it did not help with the battery issue, but it did 'solve' the 'kill Poweramp' issue for me at least and that was more imperative on my phone while it lasted. The battery issue (drainage and hot phone) seems more complex, as these threads and multiple posts show, hopefully it will be resolved in due course.

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