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  1. Thanks again for your help. Well, none of my mp3 files have artwork. They are 'custom-made' meditation voice recordings. I made them. Since PA insists they have SOME artwork (or it will do it!) . . . it's great that I can pick one uniform image for all.
  2. Ah-ha! Great advice again. Ok. I just went to my Mac (source for the mp3s) and used ITunes to "select all" then "change artwork" then picked my preferred image (identical to the "Chart of the I AM Presence" logo here in my Poweramp user profile), and it assigned that same image to ALL the mp3s in my library; Then synched all the mp3s and the iTunes playlist . . . FROM my Mac Mini . . . TO my android phone . . . using 'Isyncr' app ( http://www.jrtstudio.com/iSyncr-iTunes-for-Android ) . . . then "RESCANNED" in PA . . . all done! Now all tracks have my very favorate image. Thanks again Andre You "da man". Jim
  3. Great. What PA sub-menu will I find the "Chromecast" feature? (I will go there to turn it off.) ALSO, I was thinking . . .if I can't turn "off" the arbitrary image appearing with all my music tracks . . . cause there needs to be SOME image there . . . . is there a way I can PICK the image to be used? It seems PA has sort of "arbitrarily" picked one image (randomly) and assigned it. Can I control WHICH image will appear . . . instead of that random image? Jim
  4. So glad I found Poweramp! What an amazing program! My applause to the developer! Ok. 2 "new user" questions: #1) Can you give me a checklist of all the things I should "switch off" to REDUCE BATTERY USAGE? #2) How can I stop the same image appearing beside each of my tracks? SEE SCREEN SHOT Thanks
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