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  1. As discussed on General forum, it’d be great if playlists return to placing any internal playlists above file-based ones in the playlist order regardless of sort order, as was the case in V2. This was especially useful for creating on-the-fly playlists used for exercise, driving, etc. as they'd default to the top whenever you opened Playlists. Currently these internal playlists disappear within the sort order of the other file-based playlists. Workarounds are tricky when you might have playlists that start with a numeric value eg. 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s etc.
  2. OK, thanks for the reply Andre. That's a shame. It's only a small thing but was useful and saved time. Is it worth putting in a feature request? I'll use your workaround, in the meantime.
  3. On v2, whenever you created a new playlist within the app, that playlist would appear above any 'set playlists' you may have imported as m3u files. This was particularly handy for creating random playlists that I might use for exercise or driving, and they were easy to access as they'd default to the top whenever you opened Playlists. On v3, this doesn't seem to be the case. You create the playlist, give it a name and that playlist disappears within the alphabetical order of the other playlists. Quite annoying if you've got several of these lists and you''re trying to remember what you named them. I know you can re-sort by date added, but this isn't really the same and would mess up the order of my set playlists. As I said, v2 distinctly separated on-the-fly playlists from the others - without having to change any setting as I recall. Am I missing something?