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  1. thanks for explaining me that
  2. hi! would it be possible to rate directly a whole album, instead of the single songs? having lots of albums and whole discographies I would find it very helpful 😅 as always, thank you very much
  3. Ok, thank you for your quick answer. 👍
  4. Hi, I'd like to know if it's somehow possible to change one tag for more songs simultaneously. Sometimes I'm just missing the year or would like to change the genre and it would be great if it could be done all in once, instead of fixing it track by track. Thanks 😉
  5. hi flyingduchman! bought your skin last week and i really love it. having the navbar on top is just perfect for me. asking about implementations 😛 do you think it would be possible to select the color also for the mini spectrum? i would like to have it the same color as the navbar icons. navbar itself is set on transparent, beautiful 👍
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