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  1. The power of community support No worries, I was as frustrated as the rest of you - knew it would eventually be sorted. Now to test my playlists! Moho
  2. Continuing from my original post, to which I never replied. I have not imported playlists into Poweramp, only used custom created ones on the fly in the Poweramp interface. When listening to playback from this custom playlist I consistently and repeatedly get the overheat/power drain issue. I have not listened to music from that playlist in several weeks and have never experienced the issue since. Moho
  3. Not sure if this is common for others, but I only appear to consistently get the high power usage and over heat when I play songs from a large playlist I have saved. Moho
  4. I've been using Poweramp all week after disabling the "Always on Display", must be 20-30 hours of use now. The issue has not returned once
  5. Hi Guys, Some further testing from me, I have not had the issue once since disabling my Samsung S9's "Always on Display" lock screen feature. I've used it all weekend and today without the issue. Will keep you informed, but perhaps try this if you have the issue on a device with an lock screen display mode? Moho
  6. Hi all, An update on my testing. For the entirety of yesterday I used Poweramp and not once did I suffer from the issue, I was using the interface, pausing/stopping/etc nothing all day. I've continued using it this morning and will feedback later today if it still seems okay. Not sure if my Samsung S9 had an update over the last few days, perhaps something has updated? Moho
  7. Hey Max, Are you any closer to diagnosing and fixing the this serious issue? Are there any changes from 820 to 823 that could cause this you can think of? Moho
  8. I can confirm that the ChromeCast disable does not help, it still has the issue. In my further testing, I have found I am able to skip and pause tracks using my headphones and it doesn't appear to go into the bad state.
  9. Done a bit of testing this morning and found something quite odd. If you force stop the com.maxmpz.audioplayer app/service in the battery usage section then load Poweramp and play music, immediately close the cover/lock the screen it appears to run without getting hot and draining the battery. However, after this if you open the case/unlock and click pause, stop or interact with Poweramp it then starts warming/draining the battery again. You then have to force stop like the above again and start over. Perhaps something to do with a standby service is causing the issue? Very strange indeed. Moho. Edit: So it appears that the first action is fine and does not make Poweramp drain the battery, overuse the CPU or get the phone hot, but then all actions after that point (pausing, stopping, skipping track, etc) seem to then send it into this problematic state. At least this is what I have found today.
  10. I also have this issue on my Samsung S9 Android 9. Use to work totally fine until a few weeks ago (I guess when 823 was released), now I can't use Poweramp anymore unless my phone is plugged in. I have disabled the autoscan, this does nothing. The phone gets hot after a short time of usage, just today after 1h6m of play time with the screen off Poweramp has used 31.1% of my battery. Please fix this soon as I am thinking of finding another player, which is a real shame as I loved Poweramp for years
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