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  1. Edit: issue removed. The problem is on my end.
  2. Oh and no, This file Is NOT in the library and has to be manually opened. And this file IS in the "Folders Selection" menu.
  3. FYI, I use EMUI 8.0 (Android Oreo) and my Poweramp is the latest version. (823 I think?)
  4. So today I discovered that my playlist is missing a file. After some digging, I found that a normal FLAC file has been treated as a CUE file. Of Course, These files cannot be played and skips automatically. But manually playing the FLAC track from the file explorer poses no issue, and the artwork was displayed correctly. No, my .m3u file is not corrupted, and the music file is not corrupted. Dozens of my other playlists has the same issue, and I wonder if this happens to anyone else. Oh, and the currently playing bar(the bottom one) Doesn't display the right tracks sometimes.
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