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  1. My workaround is using GoneMAD Music Player until Poweramp supports Album Artist (and Opus). I hope the day is near.
  2. Strange. That's exactly what happens on my device (Samsung Galaxy S Plus, Android 2.3.6). And the previous search text is highlighted (so you can overwrite directly or modify your last search string). IMO the perfect behavior.
  3. Also possible with foobar2000. Thank you! Wow. Cool, I didn't knew. Thanks!
  4. Hint: menubutton > listoptions //edit: huuups, too late
  5. What exactly do you need to know? Here a short description: Install foobar2000 portable (not needed, you could use your existing installation instead. But in my opinion it's better-arranged, if you have a version only for your android library) Add your library (from your plugged device): Library > Configure > Music folders > Add.. Compile your playlists in foobar2000 Save the playlists as *.m3u (//edit: or better as *.m3u8. Read next posting by maxmp) to your device: a) File > Save playlist or Shift+File > Save all playlists... (//edit: This point is not needed.
  6. Now I have some more informations and found a workaround: http://forum.poweram...dpost__p__16235
  7. Some days ago, i noticed that gapless playback doesn't work correctly on my mp3-albums. There are some kind of painful clicks between the songs. I could swear, gapless playback (for lame-mp3) worked perfectly in the past. I don't know when it changed. Maybe on a firmwareupdate or an update of Poweramp. Those albums are played perfectly seamless with other players (foobar2000, GoneMAD). And it's only a problem with mp3, flac works fine. Is this a bug, or doesn't Poweramp support gapless playback on mp3 (lame)? Samsung Galaxy S Plus, GT-I9001 Firmware: 2.3.6 (Stock) Baseband: I9001XXKPO Kernel:
  8. This link should answer all questions: http://help.mp3tag.d..._converter.html
  9. If you already use mp3tag, why don't you use it for massrenaming?
  10. Another vote for album artist view. It's absolutely essential.
  11. I'm very glad to read that opus support will come. Thanks for this useful improvement.
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