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  1. I recently discovered the slider control under the menu item "remember position" There is no explained instruction as to proper setting for this control. I have tried it at zero and at 60 minutes. It seems that counter intuitively, the zero setting is the one that works. Another question. If the app is closed completely (not just left as a background) would this turn off the app's ability to return to the previous file position when re-initiated?
  2. It will "remember" up to 60 minutes. After it plays past that it will return to zero on next opening of the file. The file is about 5 hours and 45 minutes.. I will rescan and see if that helps
  3. Thanks for the reply. I still experience the problem. The file is a 128mps mp3. Maybe I should reinstall the program
  4. I listen to many audio books that are not split into chapters. As it stands now the player only "remembers" up to 60 minutes of the track. It would be great to not have to try to find the previously played end point
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