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  1. It's possible that is what made the issue intermittent for me, I mix up both methods of playing music. I couldn't tell you the correlation between having the issue and the method to play music though, as I've downgraded to a version where I don't have an issue and stuck with that.
  2. Build 820 is available in the downloads section at top of this forum, and doesn't have the issue.
  3. The settings are switched on but only 48kHz output for my wired ear buds. I think this is default as I don't remember touching the settings here. My mp3 library (8373 items) is all ripped from my CDs or DRM free downloads from amazon/play/microsoft. I use MediaMonkey to transcode to 192KBit variable mp3 whilst synching to my micro sd card (92GB of music when transcoded). I have been one of the people consistently getting the drain issue though. I still haven't seen it on the version without google services.
  4. it's an intermittent problem though. The version without google services is the only thing that has stopped it for me consistently
  5. I ended up with quite a few meetings today, so didn't actually get to listen to a whole lot of music. However, I did manage to perform my normal usage pattern that would show the battery drain. Start/stopping by a variety of inline cord, pulling out jack, etc. Today I didn't see the battery drain at all. Poweramp is very far down the list here and looking good, but I'll continue to watch what happens with this build
  6. I've installed it, but won't be able to give it a test until tomorrow. I'll report my results
  7. I think your TI and rooted phone have complicated the hell out of what is really a simple process. To roll back most of us just have to uninstall the current version from the play store, download older version from this site using chrome, install it and we're good to go. Remember that you then have to stop the play store from auto updating.it back to the latest version. Right now I'm on the latest version though
  8. It was always an intermittent problem though. You could often go a few hours without it showing up, then some combination of pause/resume and it appears
  9. Same here, but I've only turned off the music info and facewidgets
  10. So far, so good, haven't seen the issue today and Poweramp is 4 or 5 apps down the list of battery use
  11. I'll try this. Maybe just turning off the "show music information" facewidgets thing is enough? I'm turning off the facewdigets thing too, Poweramp's notification menu is more than enough
  12. @maxmp I haven't got my headphones today, so can't test.. I use Poweramp mainly to get "in the zone" when working. But I'm confident that everytime I get the issue I have been in an office environment where I run Poweramp with the screen off, pausing and resuming songs using inline controls when interrupted. Occasionally, when grabbing a coffee, I'll pause by yanking the cable and resume by plugging it back in. I'm fairly certain that it always takes a few interruptions before the problem starts
  13. hmm, maybe it's related to notifications and how they adjust the volume, I'll try fiddling with those settings
  14. @maxmp, I sent the zipped Logcat by email to the address registered on Google Play. I couldn't attach a new zip to a PM, and I don't know how sensitive the information in the file could be so didn't attach it here.
  15. I followed this guide to discover how to capture a Logcat: https://www.xda-developers.com/guide-sending-a-logcat-to-help-debug-your-favorite-app/ @maxmp After quite some time of waiting for the drain issue to show up, I finally think I have it happening and should have a log soon. The battery has only just started getting hot after resuming from a 5min pause to go and grab a coffee. I'll let it run for a while so I can be sure that it is draining, then will PM you the file. It does seem to be linked to start/stopping somehow, either through pausing in app, by headphone cable button, or pulling out the headphone cable. It could be when resuming by plugging the headphones back in, as that was the case this time. Edit: got it
  16. Phone is hot, same issue I'm looking into how to pull off a Logcat
  17. I'd downgraded to build 820, but I've just popped 823 back on and followed the steps above. I'll report back later this afternoon if I see an issue
  18. Ok not solved, everything was fine then I noticed the phone was hot. You can see the steeper curve on drain here. I've only been using Poweramp since the last post
  19. I also disabled the lock screen options, wake lock and keep service yesterday, maybe they are relevant? I'm still able to hear music with screen off, so I don't think they're needed any more (I'm a long time user, first bought it on the Galaxy S2) Today Poweramp has had 4% of my battery since last full charge, over approx 4 hrs of use. Yesterday it used 20-30% in 6 hours of use and the phone was a bit hot. The battery stats claim Poweramp is 88% of use in the past week
  20. Same issue here on a Samsung S9 and Android Pi. I did notice that my OS had automatically disabled "Poweramp Full Version Unlocker" because of no use, so I re-enabled it. Now it looks like normal drain with Poweramp playing so far, but time will tell.
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