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  1. I have a better workaround: first open Factory Settings with the Password 126 or 127 not sure and then adjust Bluetooth and the other Volumes to each other. Secondly if you have physical Buttons on your Headunit the Pause Button will stop the music running while not affecting the Call. This Way you can pause the Music and after that accept the call
  2. 1) Yeah i know that but it still would be cool if its possible to implement such a thing 2) I tried pausing already. Android Headunits are using a very strange boot sequence. While the boot sequence after a restart takes about 20-40 sec(after changing Factory Settings for example) the startup sequence caused by the ignition takes about 0.5-1 seconds. Its like a Standby Mode that doesnt require power at all.
  3. Hello Guys and Devs, first i love Poweramp for my Smartphone its the best music player out there by far and i hope you keep up your great work. recently i bought an Anroid Radio Headunit for my car and of course i installed Poweramp as the first app because i expected it to work as good as on my Smartphone but there are quite some Bugs that are probably resulting because the devs never thought about Headunits. The several Problems are: -When recieving a Call to my phone that gets transmitted to the Headunit Poweramp doesnt stop playing music. i have to admit here that the Bluetooth call function on the Headunit is an app to, so it might be because of this. -When transmitting music over Bluetooth to the Headunit Poweramp cant play it, instead i have to use the crappy musicapp of the headunit -Poweramp doesn't save the progress of Songs when i turn off the Ignition instead the song that was playing before turning off the ignition starts from beginning I know that Users with an Android Headunit are a small minority and that i can imagine its a lot of work to understand how Android Headunits work, but i would definitly pay about 5 Bucks for a seperate "Poweramp Cardroid" version and help with feedback where i can.
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