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  1. I realised that me an @wnh502shana's devices are different, so here is my audio_policy_conf audio_policy.conf build.prop
  2. Please add support for FiiO DAPs (Devices). My device is the FiiO X7MKII. (Unfortunately) running Android 5.1.1, seems to be close to stock with some added features. This device is definitely capable of having 24 bit playback, as shown under “File Format Support” here. Also, the device’s stock music player provides 24 bit out. Photo attached because the link is kinda unnecessary.
  3. Could this be added as when I want to play albums I would like them to be played in order every time, but when I go back to normal listening (such as just in “all songs”) I would like shuffle to just be set as usual. Is this something that can be potentially implemented? Thanks for your work on the app otherwise.