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  1. LG G Stylo, stock Android 6, Poweramp v3, build 823 What I'm seeing is that PA *sometimes* fails to shut down when BlueTooth disconnects from the audio system in my car, after which PA seems to spend all its time attempting to re-establish a connection. If BlueTooth is still enabled on my phone, the phone gets quite warm and the battery level diminishes more rapidly than normal. If I turn BlueTooth off *and* stop PA, battery drain is back to normal. Yesterday I was on the road for about seven hours (vs about 1.5 hours on a normal day), and with PA the only active app I was down to 43% battery when I got home. That is comparable to a normal rate of depletion for me while PA is actually in use. It's only when PA gets stuck on and BlueTooth is on that consumption is excessive. So it looks to me like something is preventing PA from shutting down properly and consistently when BlueTooth disconnects from my car.
  2. LG G Stylo, stock Android 6, Poweramp v3, build 823 Same issue, with power consumption fairly normal (compared to v2) while the player is in use, but it remains running in the background when disconnected. I have the setting to remain available turned off in Settings, but when I see that my battery has dropped more than expected, a quick check of the apps using the most battery shows the player still active. I can stop the player at that point, or simply restart my phone, but it's been happening consistently since I received the last update to build 823. Also as others have mentioned, the phone is abnormally warm in these instances, though in an area away from the battery.
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