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  1. Firstly, I do see a similar themed topic. It specifically relates to Android Auto though. I don't have android auto so I wanted to create this thread so as not to confuse the issue. 

    One for the techies - I've included screenshot of what happens (only sometimes) when my phone connects to Bluetooth in my car. Poweramp music doesn't start playing despite being set to play upon BT connection. I have to manually start the music. It's just odd that it works fine sometimes. Looks like a whole lotta stuff is going on
     in the "last processed commands" log. Screenshot_20200318_131131_com.maxmpz.audioplayer.thumb.jpg.2e65da8bbf634448949c1b2dfa5a7e77.jpg


  2. Hi, regardless of what I've had on my phone screen before it locks or times out to off, I find that when I unlock the phone, Poweramp is displayed immediately. (I don't mean it's just there on the lockscreen itself). This is a pain when you've been reading a webpage when the screen times out. Reactivating he screen doesn't show the webpage, but Poweramp. I've had a look in settings but can't find an option that seems relevant to solving this. Does anybody know? Thanks.

  3. I'm finding that when I request a song via Google assistant (to play on default player Poweramp), the track will play but only after about 30 secs.

    Visually what's happening is:

    Once the request has been made, the assistant screen disappears, Poweramp opens with the requested track loaded, but the actual playing of it is delayed. Anyone else find the same/solved this?


  4. For anyone in future who has this problem, I resolved it by deleting the Google app (well, disabling and re-enabling) and the issue went away. You may have to set up voice match again, as well as setting "unlock with voice match".

  5. I always keep shuffle on, but I notice when I ask Google Assistant to "Play [x] on Poweramp", the song plays but the player has opened with shuffle turned off and it then continues through the library in alphabetical order.

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