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  1. @maxmp Model name is EE-UC10JUWEGUS. This is the link: https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/usb-c-headphone-jack-adapter-ee-uc10juwegus/
  2. Hello, I've just received my official Samsung dongle for my Note 10+. It clearly states that it supports up to 192khz but on Poweramp it doesn't go above 48khz.
  3. Same thing was happening on my note 8 after pie update and I found the solution for it. Go to samsung music app -> sound quality -> turn of UHQ Upscaler. Fixed it for me.
  4. Also When I select a sampling rate higher than 48 KHz in High Resolution output audio becomes distorted and bad. (V3-823)
  5. Hi, I got the Pie update for my Note 8(SD) yesterday and when I am browsing through twitter, reddit and similiar apps if an autoplaying video shows up music stops for a split second. Same thing happens when I scroll up and video disappears from the feed.
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