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  1. Pono no longer being produced. When I owned and used the Pono, I did not have the S9. My failing memory does not allow me to remember the specific interactions. Sorry. Mark
  2. New PA user. My SD card is named 3938-84E6 in the PA folder . I am wondering why? The 2 folders being shown are 3938-84E6 ( SD card) Emulated ( internal storage} Using Galaxy S9+ Thanks for your consideration. Hope this question is not too elementary. Mark
  3. Hello, new to this forum. In my opinion, a DAP of that price is most likely going to be of lesser quality than your current phone. Of course that all depends on your current phone. I have been in the market for a DAP several months, former Pono owner, I use a Galaxy S9+ for my music player and rather than buying a DAP, I purchased a Mojo by Chord for $479. The sound is great. This is a DAC and amplifier in one. A little bulky but no more than carrying a DAP and phone. Many variables, especially dependant on what music files you use , or may want to use, as well as what audio and manufacturing quality you want. Mark
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