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  1. Chiming back in since I haven't posted since April (has it really been that long already?) and have just been using v820. I play all my Poweramp music using non-file based playlists.
  2. No chromecast devices from what I could see. I also spoke too soon about this only happening at work. Happened again today but this time while travelling home (on mobile data). I left it playing once I got home just to confirm it was actually happening. After about 1:30 hours my phone started complaining about overloaded CPU again (attached a picture this time). I do have a chromecast on the network at home, but I'm pretty sure it was already heating up before I got home. I also disabled auto-rescanning in the morning, before this happened today.
  3. Same issue today. After seeing it happen today I thought of a possible theory. It seems to always happen in the same scenario, which is when I leave it playing on my desk, but it doesn't happen when I am travelling to/from work. The only difference in usage I can think of between these two scenarios is that when I leave it playing on my desk, I sometimes pause it if I have to get up to do something (usually using my built-in earphone controls), while when travelling to/from work I have it playing constantly for the whole journey.
  4. All my music is on an sd card (Poweramp has no folders selected from my internal storage).
  5. I should also point out that in my picture above for the inital drop from 100% battery, I was using Poweramp while browsing my phone for about 15 minutes, immediately followed by about 35 minutes of Poweramp with the screen off with my phone in my pocket. After that my phone was idled for a couple of hours before I started using Poweramp again which I mentioned in my above post (followed by me charging my phone when I noticed playing music drained so much battery 😢 ). I also restarted my phone a couple days ago when I first noticed this, but it clearly didn't help.
  6. No I don't use wear watch. Also regarding the notification, as far as I can remember, I have never seen it pop up before for any application until this week, when it popped up twice for Poweramp, so something funny must be going on there. I have also PM'd you my google account.
  7. I have the same issue. Started noticing this Monday (did not use Poweramp on the weekend). Was listening on wired earphones with my screen turned off and noticed the phone was very hot and using a lot of battery. I even got a notification from my phone saying that Poweramp was overloading the CPU and I should close it. Since then, it's been happening all week. Most noticeable when I have it left on my desk while using earphones, because when I go to pick it up it feels very hot. Poweramp v3 build 823 Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 8.0.0 The first big drop in the pict
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