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  1. My platform: Phone Samsung Galaxy S10 and wired 3.5mm audio: I experienced a set-back from 24 bit to 16 bit after the last Google Play update of Poweramp (build 823). E.g., I was able to play 96k/24 with the previous build. Now, it will only give me 16-bit. However, I followed this thread and the instructions to force it to 192kHz, then 24 bit is again possible (no DVC, actually, the "No DVC" switch is not avaible at all, in the previous build, I could select DVC on/off, but only DVC-off gave me 24-bit). So, as far as I can tell, it will resample all music file resolutions to 192/24. I can live with that for time being, I now understand this is a Samsung Pie issue. Off-topic: I've also found that Dolby Atmos (in the S10) should be set to off, since it adds dynamic compression processing that I do not like.
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