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  1. Thanks, So basically you're saying it depends on screen sizes. If I use a skin will that do the job of scaling the album art ?
  2. Is there any option to scale the album art to full size like second screenshot shows? Is it possible to move 3 dot button (using PA V3 Build 823)
  3. Thanks for the reply.Hoping to see a update that can reduce the size of it or remove it as you said.It's really annoying when browsing through folders
  4. Today I switched to Poweramp v3 build 823 from v2. New UI is quite good but I couldn't figure out to customize somethings. Basically I arranged my songs into a hierarchy system to browse easily.On v2 folders showed up pretty good. Problem is this when I browsing through my folders big folder image comes up with covering my half of the screen.I highlighted it with a yellow square as you can see below. Is there any way to turn of this folder image showing or reduce the size of it ?
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