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  1. Well, its very predictable to me after about 5 songs. It goes on like that longer during longer sessions. It would have played a lot of avenged sevenfold in this case, most commonly the 2nd track (the very first randomly chosen one) is one of the selected repeat artists. I don't usually get 3 doubles like I did this morning though. Anyway, thanks for the having a look. Hopefully the devs may consider implementing an advanced setting for shuffle in future. One that lets you restrict it from going back to already played artists until a set number of songs have passed. Or calculating the percentage of songs by a set category for better distribution across a shuffled list. Anything to help provide a good variety of music on a shuffled list.
  2. Ok so for another example, this mornings random selection of artists. Song 1 - Ghost (manually selected). Song 2 - Avenged Sevenfold (20 songs) Song 3 - Bliss'n'Eso (59 songs) Song 4 - Sia (35 songs) Song 5 - Sia (again) Song 6 - Bliss'n'Eso (again) Song 7 - Avenged sevenfold (again) Song 8 - Churches (25 songs) Song 9 - Skrillex (16 songs) I also found the total tracks number in settings, which is 721. My artist with most songs is 79 songs (and rarely plays more than once every 5 songs), my second most is bliss n Eso with 47, then Sia with 35, every other artist has 30 or less songs across 36 other artists. I do understand this sort of thing can happen with random play on occasion, but the odds of this happenning every time I use it shouldn't be even remotely close to 100% should it?
  3. That's the even stranger part, yes there are some artists with more tracks than others. But this random favorite is just as likely to be an artist I've kept only 3 songs (or 3 albums) by and it will play them all across 9-12 tracks out of what are hundreds on my phone. Where I have 1 personal favorite artist with 7 full untouched albums that is rarely the one that gets repeatedly played, even though realistically it should have the highest odds to be. Every other artist has near half the albums or I have deleted at least half of their tracks, yet they hold the same odds. I can pick that an artist with just 7 songs is about to be played more than others out of hundreds of songs. The same song never play twice, just to make sure there isnt any confusion there. Where I say repeated I just mean repeatedly going back to the same artist every 2nd or 3rd song and often twice in a row. Now it occasionally within more believable chance plays 3 in a row, the chance i'd more beleivably expect it should be playing the same artist at all. But the other, it does this every 2nd or 3rd song, every time I've used the player since the update and every 2nd song since before that. It's never not done this in 3+ years. There are even songs by each artist that are played much more often than others too for some reason, while some few that have actually sat on the list for the whole 3+ years and never played even once by random selection. That is more believable though given the amount of tracks I have and not really an issue to me. Just thought i'd mention it.
  4. I use the first setting 'shuffle all available songs'. See, that's just the thing. I know it sounds really weird, it's not designed to do it, It shouldn't do it. I see no reason why it would. But it does. Every time. Its actually predictable to the point where after hearing around 3-5 songs, I can tell the person I am with that it will overplay that certain artist. And then it does. I've never even one time been wrong about it either. I tell anyone I'm with, every time just to make sure and prove to myself that I'm not crazy in thinking it's actually working like that lol. If only there were a setting to restrict it (where possible) from going back to an artist until a set amount of tracks have passed. That would honestly make my daily trips that much better.
  5. I just start it on one of the artists songs (whichever particular song I feel like at the time), then yes the rest is more or less correct. It does not completely randomly distribute the songs. Its like it picks 1 or 2 artists (completely at random) and decides to play their music more than the others. It never seems to select more than 2 'favorites' to play in one session and these 'selected favorites' tend to change every session. 1 session being about an hour while I drive to and from work. I've been using the player for these trips for just over 3 years now and everyone I've played it to can also see the pattern. Before the recent update It used to pick only 1 favorite artist and every second song was from them, every time. The recent update has spread that out slightly more but now I can get 2, sometimes 3 songs from the same artist in a row and it happens too regularly to be just coincidence.
  6. Is there any way to improve the shuffle system? Every time, I go to artists, play a song while the mode is set to shuffle all available tracks and it always randomly picks some 1 or 2 favorite artist(s) and plays their music much more than others. I have 50 different artists albums yet 3 in 5 song will be tend to from the same one. What is the ideal way to shuffle all tracks and is there any way to prevent the same artist from playing too close to their previous tracks?
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