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  1. The options for Repeat, Shuffle, etc. are "sticky" and remain between manually-selected new tracks and after the player closes. Request: Automatically clear the option (reset to default) when manually switching tracks or offer a toggle for this in Settings.
  2. Wow. TY... the queue was full of stuff. Cleared it, now let me see if the player behaves.
  3. Reinstalled, and even though I thought I deleted my playlist files in the filesystem, they're still here. I don't even see Queue as an item under Library, actually.
  4. I uninstalled the app and deleted the folder I found for it. Re-installing. WLYK what happens.
  5. I rooted my own phone and know how to remove a directory, thank you. But I don't go promiscuously removing directorys unless I know I'm removing the right one, OK? Thank you for the information. It helps.
  6. Thank you! I've rooted my device, so that should be straightforward. I'll try that and then re-install. The playlists are the app's, not the system's.
  7. Any suggestions? I uninstalled the app, hoping that would clear all the settings, but re-installation shows my existing playlists. Maybe the settings are cleared, maybe not. What's needed for a really *clean* uninstall/rebuild?
  8. I just un-installed the app to try to clear an issue with some corrupted settings. I re-installed it, and my playlists and possible evidence of the problem persisting are still there. It's really bad application manners to not remove itself entirely when uninstalled — or at least give the user the option to clear everything, all files & settings. OK?
  9. My screens look just exactly like this. Shuffle ticked OFF, Ignore Shuffle ON. And as I showed you, there is an active "Shuffle All" at the top of the screen when I go to the Playlist library, which I would not expect to be there.
  10. The player remembers the shuffle/repeat setting between sessions. I'd like an option to clear the shuffle/repeat setting when the player is closed.
  11. Screenshots will not help. Here's what happens: 1. I open a playlist and tap the first entry. It plays to the end. 2. The player jumps to a random track in another folder. Expected: Player to play the second track in the playlist. There are no other tracks in the queue. If I manually return to the playlist and tap the second entry, it plays to the end and the player then plays the remaining tracks in playlist sequence. If I manually queue the tracks in the playlist, they are played as expected, in the sequence of the playlist.
  12. I have several music folders, and have created some playlists of tracks within those folders but not across them. Just recently, Poweramp has begun shuffling to a random track in random other folders after the first track in a playlist. The Back << control does not return me to the first track. Shuffle is OFF. There is, however, a lit Shuffle icon at the top of my list of playlists, and this seems to be permanently lit. I would expect it to be dark since Shuffle is off. (screenshot attached) Thinking that my playlists were somehow corrupted, I deleted them all and ran Full Rescan, then reconstructed my playlists. This did not fix the issue. I can find no controls that might be causing this new behavior. I await your suggestions.
  13. I really don't care for the new UI. I find it cluttered and difficult-to-navigate. Can we have an option for the v2 UI or for a simplified interface? This really IS the best Android player, but some of the fanciness gets in the way of basic functionality.
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