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  1. @blaubär @maxmp @andrewilley THANKS SO MUCH IT SOUNDS NOW PERFECT 😀
  2. @andrewilly : I've disabled DVC with no luck : 16/48 Could you help me please ? Thanks, Eric
  3. Thanks for your searching. I believe it's *ucked up for me (for us Samsung S10 users) for now, isn't it ?
  4. Thank you ! But, as you can see, no such option for me
  5. It sounds "fine", but have a look at "Sortie" (Output) : "16-bit" => Why isn't it displayed "24-bit" as my FLAC are ? It isn't hi-res isn't it ? That's why I'd like you to explain me how to get : "Hi-Res Ouput Samsung UHQA PCM 24-bit 48KHz" Thanks
  6. Thanks, Please have a look at the 2 screenshots : my 24/28 are output 16/48 😣 (I enabled DVC)
  7. Hello and thanks, here's a screenshot : 16/48... I don't know how to bypass Samsung's sound alive, gonna Google.
  8. Hello, I've purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (France). My FLAC collection is 24/48. It seems that, in the Hi-Res output settings, only 16/48 is available (for headphones/AUX output that I use (Fiio FH5)). I've Googled about this problem, but I don't understand what's going on... I'd like to know if, by tweaking the settings (both the Galaxy's and Poweramp's ones), there's a way to have the Hi-Res function to work for my headphone output, or if there is a fix for this. I use the EQ and limiter, it displays a "(i)" next to "DVC EQ LMT", what does this mean please ? Thanks in advance for your help, Eric
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