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  1. The file system contains no files except for the mp3s and the m3us. And system playlists must be imported manually -- which I did not do. So I don't see how Poweramp could be affected by something else. Also, why does Poweramp have broken playlists only for 2 out of 3 directories I use to group music? If some other program would create playlists that Poweramp could see, then it would create them for the "music" hierarchy, too. All this doesn't seem very plausible. I still believe that this is a bug in Poweramp itself.
  2. I have not created those playlists manually and I have not imported Android system playlists. Whatever creates those playlists, it must be something else.
  3. I'm running the latest (full) version of Poweramp on Android. I have three directories on my SD card: "music", "children", and "books". Now, inside of these directories are a bunch of additional directories that contain albums. Every album has a m3u file inside that describes the directories contents. Poweramp discovers all those playlists and handled the one from "music" correctly, but each of the m3u files on the other two hierarchies creates *two* playlists. One of them is called "foo" for "foo.m3u" and it's broken a.k.a. empty. The second generated playlist is called "foo.m3u" and it works
  4. Well, no, it's not doing what it should. Every other app I have responds by resuming playing. TuneIn does that. VLC does that. The Android Music Player does that. The only app that does not respond that way is Poweramp. You'd have to have a rather strained definition of "should" IMHO to say that this is useful and intended behavior.
  5. I don't know ... buying a separate app that may or may not solve this issue seems like a poor solution and I'd rather not do that. I'd very much prefer that issue fixed in Poweramp directly.
  6. To add just another data point to this topic, my Sony WH-H900N headset works just fine with all other applications I've tried. VLC, TuneIn, and the standard Music Player all toggle correctly between play / pause when I tap the appropriate button. Poweramp is the only app I've encountered so far that doesn't resume playing once I've paused the audio.
  7. Is there any way for me to control what event the headset triggers?
  8. I have the same problem with my Sony WH-H900N (H.EAR) headset. I can pause the currently playing song, but I cannot resume it. I tried switching back and forth between normal OpenSL ES Output and OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output. What happens is that after I have switched and re-connected the headset, I can successfully trigger a PLAY event *once*, but then the headset falls back to the old behavior, i.e. PAUSE works and PLAY does nothing. According to Poweramp, the following events are received while I sent a PAUSE event, then one PLAY event, and then another PLAY event: ==================
  9. You were right, renaming the file to use a "*.m3u8" suffix fixed the issue. Thank you for the quick response.
  10. Hi, I have run into a strange phenomenon where Poweramp displays only the first 3 entries of a play list actually has 10 entries. I have a folder called "Mercedes Sosa - SerĂ¡ posible el sur" with a file "Mercedes Sosa - SerĂ¡ posible el sur.m3u" in it. The contents of that file are: Now, each of those files exists and play okay in other apps. But when I select that play list in Poweramp, all I see is title 1 to 3. I have attached a screen shot called buggy-playlist.jpg that shows the state. If I select the same album in folder view, then Poweramp display it c
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