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  1. @maxmp please address how this works, given the experimental API is not part of the Android kernal (right? such as OpenSL ES is). is the app truly regaining control or does it just default to OpenSL ES when a notification is triggered? response requested.
  2. @maxmp seeking a reply here, please.
  3. Did a search and could not find anything. I have a Sam J7 (2016) running Oreo 8.1. Installed v3 and configured it to NOT pause for other notifications. Despite, it still just totally stops playing once an em notification or text, etc pops up. It's rather annoying. Is this another annoying Oreo nit? Any suggestions on a fix plz? Tia
  4. yessir. followed your instructions to the letter. and know my way around android OS. its a persistent bug for me here on my Samsung J7 (2016) running Oreo 8.1 open to any/all suggestions from you. thx!
  5. @clever_man just joined this forum to use your app and thank you! Had to revert back to PA v2 due to some operational annoyances in v3 that I can't work around. Love your app...really necessary. I am experiencing a couple of the reported issues as well: 1) like @karbello, the pause/play button does not toggle (this I will happily live with) 2) your notification disappears after about 10 seconds DESPITE my having selected 'NEVER' in the settings. Have tried toggling it then restarting but it doesn't help. If you have any ideas on these, pls let me/us know. Again, thx very much for doing this app!
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