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  1. Not Works, I tried all outputs one per one 😢 when i close Poweramp, and open again, the config has been reset. this only happens on android 9, on android 8 the config is saved.
  2. Poweramp V3-build-822-uni Huawei Nova 3 (PAR-LX9) Android 9.0 Stock Rom EMUI 9.0.0 Hi, I have some problems with Poweramp v3 build 822 on Android 9, I have 2 devices, one has Android 8 and another Android 9, both devices with Poweramp V3 Build 822, but the device with adroind 9, has some problems, the EQUALIZER, TONE and LIMIT do not save the configuration after closing the application (The buttons always turn off, after close the app, and doing it manually is a pain), only in Android 9, the other device (Android 😎 works perfect with the same version of Poweramp.I save a test eq-presset but it does not work, it always restarts when I open Poweramp again, I try to delete all the data, uninstall the PowerampUnlocker, uninstall the trial version of Poweramp, I try reinstalling everything again ... but it does not work. My opinion is, Android is 9 is the fault, can you fix it? It's a very annoying bug, and I can not go back to Android 8 on my device. Thank you.
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