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  1. Good sounding and beautiful player ever! Thanks very much!

    On my LG G3, Android 5.1, build 802 works perfectly with Hi-Res output. Some improvements are highly recommended:

    1. If a playlist has tracks of different sample rate, i.e. 44.1KHZ, 96KHZ, and so on, we have no choice to avoid resamlper, because we have to select sample rate manually. Suppose we select 44.1KHZ manually in the menu and our track has 192KHZ. All we have here will be a downsampling to 44.1KHZ, while our hardware may have native capability of sample rate from 44.1KHZ to 192KHZ. Do we have to select sample rate manually before each track begins to avoid resampler? Can we be comfortable with this? The solution might be to also give automatic mode in the same menu where we select sample rate. Please guide me if I am wrong.
    2. In the same manu where we select sample rate, as well as in the Output option (in Hi-Res Output), KHZ is written as khz, violating uniformity with the Home Screen. This is pretty a cosmetic issue, may well be ignored out.

    Thanks again for making such a good audio player!

  2. I think PA require these features added immediately:


    1) Automatic Gain Control (AGC) option, so we may have sort of same volume level across tracks that have varying sound level, especially in a playlist.


    2) Support for OPUS audio format, a very hot request (it seems to be turned into a threat) on the PA forum.


    Thanks, and I hope some positive response from developers.

  3. Hi there.


    Poweramp Version: 2.0.9-build-551-uni.


    When we combine several tracks into a single OGG file alongwith album art by foobar2000, Poweramp treats this single file as the first track alone, ignoring the rest, while foobar2000 treats it as multi-track container showing all the tracks. It suggests there is sort of cue sheet embedded in the OGG file which Poweramp ignores. I request to incorporate full mult-track OGG file playback support in Poweramp soon.

  4. Device: Samsung GT-S6802
    OS: Gingerbread 2.3.6
    Poweramp: 2.0.9-build-539-arm-uni
    I recently upgraded my micro SD card to 32GB (Kingston SDC4, class 4), but face these bugs:
    • Every time I launch Poweramp, it doesn't resume where I left, but somewhere else.
    • If ever it is where I left, It refuses to play saying "No tracks to play" or just doesn't do anything.
    • Album art thumbnails aren't preserved in the folder view, but restored when scanned.

    To solve the above, I have to rescan (even full scan) each time I start Poweramp. I stays updated in the current session, but once exited and re-launched, the whole story repeats.


    Prior to upgrading, I used SanDisk 16GB SD card with no problems at all.


    The card upgrade has absolutely no effect on sound quality. Poweramp is still sounding great, as ever!

  5. Yes that's true, even with the built-in media player. It's like amplifier sleeps when even slightly idle. But I think some trick may be devised so that Poweramp may well keep pricking the amp, not letting it go asleep.


    Update: I've found a solution which was under the hood! Go to Settings►Misc►Tweaks and enable Keep Service. This way Poweramp won't go sleep whenever idle. [Edited: 28-Nov-2013]

  6. Hi Everyone


    I don't know if this is Poweramp bug or device inheritance, anyway, when we connect the device to an audio amplifier via 3.5mm output, an unpleasant pop noise is heard after some delay whenever we stop or pause, and immediately when the list is finished. This noise can be harmful to speaker system if the amplifier volume is set high. Please use some muting techniques on the part of Poweramp to avoid this annoyance. This bug has persisted even with the latest version of Poweramp, 2.0.9-build-534.


    Thanks for any help.


    Device Info:


    Samsung GT-S6802

    Android Ver. 2.3.6, Build GINGERBREAD.JPLK4

    Kernel Ver.

  7. A little ability to play a track reversely may make an otherwise boring music interesting (and funny too). Tho it's trivial and profane in the realm of an audiophile, it'll add to Poweramp completeness. Let's think about it.

  8. As they say, matches are made in heaven; and they are right! For months I was considering to buy ipod for its near hi-fi sound. Because Android phones are also good at audio (some are very), my friends suggested to get an Android of choice, and a very capable and worthy piece of software (you guys surely know that). The recipe worked so fine that I never thought of ipod again, and that with nearly the same price! For one, Poweramp solves the issue of playing and managing clutter of album tracks by using cue sheet embedded in formats like FLAC. And how do you combine bunch of tracks into single file along with cue sheet? Here comes the very handy Windows utility, the Foobar 2000. So I greatly appreciate Poweramp team for making it all possible for music lovers (audiophiles too) at Android! My loves grows ever for Poweramp!

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