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  1. Good sounding and beautiful player ever! Thanks very much! On my LG G3, Android 5.1, build 802 works perfectly with Hi-Res output. Some improvements are highly recommended: If a playlist has tracks of different sample rate, i.e. 44.1KHZ, 96KHZ, and so on, we have no choice to avoid resamlper, because we have to select sample rate manually. Suppose we select 44.1KHZ manually in the menu and our track has 192KHZ. All we have here will be a downsampling to 44.1KHZ, while our hardware may have native capability of sample rate from 44.1KHZ to 192KHZ. Do we have to select sample rate manually before each track begins to avoid resampler? Can we be comfortable with this? The solution might be to also give automatic mode in the same menu where we select sample rate. Please guide me if I am wrong. In the same manu where we select sample rate, as well as in the Output option (in Hi-Res Output), KHZ is written as khz, violating uniformity with the Home Screen. This is pretty a cosmetic issue, may well be ignored out. Thanks again for making such a good audio player!
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