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  1. Very low, occasional, and subtle but distracting. I heard it while driving, and thought at first it was an occasional squeak from car's suspension or chassis. Seems similar to this topic: forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11630-persistent-squeaks-please-help Poweramp v3 b823, Samsung SM-J727VPP (stock, no custom ROM)
  2. Oh, it can definitely work that way, if so designed. See the Audible app for an example of a linear seek with rate that slows as you move finger away from bar.
  3. I love the volume and other controls in equalizer/effects screens of Poweramp. Especially the fine control provided by moving finger farther away from center of volume knob as I'm "turning" it. Is there a skin or setting that can add this finer control to wave seek and static seek bars? That is, finer control over speed of seek the farther finger is away from bar?
  4. I am seeing inaccurate track progress and rewind/ffwd/seek in vbr mp3 files; an example: https://www.apmpodcasts.org/thwod/2018/12/solomon-georgio-is-doing-better/ re-coded using the following command line: lame -m j -V 4 -q 3 --lowpass 7.5 --abr 50 When playing this file, per track progress is not saved accurately. When I pause and change from that track/file and return, the position jumps forward by various amounts. And when play is resumed from a seek/rewind/ffwd operation, it resumes from a position ahead of the selected spot. Is there settings choice that I can make to correct this? LAME 64bits version 3.100 run in cygwin on Windows Poweramp v3 b823, Samsung SM-J727VPP
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