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  1. Yes, I upgraded from v2. >Albums and all sub categories albums are sorted by track by default. But «All Songs» still a mess without grouping. Complaint about sorting alphabetically not answered. Come on, it's basic stuff. If someone for some reason wants to sort albums from same artist alphabetically, don't change this sorting method, add new, "Name -> Year".
  2. By default all lists sorted alphabetically, why? Different content require different type of sorting. No one sorting photographs by size, this makes no sense. Everyone wants their photos be in order they was taken, so best way is sorting them is by date taken. Sorting should be helpfull, not broken and confusing. 1) In «Album» list, when selected sorting by artist, albums from the same artist then sorted alphabetically. This is really confusing if artist has 10+ albums. Albums from the same artist should always be sorted by year. How it now: Alphabetically -> Alphabetically
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