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  1. Honestly had no idea about the whole beta and such things, and the fact of how it looks is what the majority wanted, really?? Thats questionable, but there should be an option for people who prefer the old classic way it looks, you know, because ease of use and practicality instead of making things so fancy for no reason whatsoever. But I digress. Let me rephrase the last part because that was indeed a typo, when I put the new one back on the playlists show up, but not when I put V2 on. Only for V3, which is odd. And yes I am talking about playlists I created within Poweramp. I dont use anything else. I checked the settings, only one folder is selected, and thats my music, period. How did the settings stay after I reset my phone and downloaded the V3 version, but then hated it, went back to V2 and the settings are gone along with everything else? Also the bluetooth and wired headset doesnt work like it did with V2 how when you connected to either one it will resume playing or stop. Instead for V3 it does nothing. I have to unlock my phone and open the app to hit play twice because the first time it sits there and then it plays. Again being fancy doesnt mean it works. All I want to know is how can I get my playlists back to V2 so I can get away from this mess?
  2. The folders are the same, thats where all my music is located. It would not be anywhere else. Otherwise I wouldnt see any of my music.
  3. Omg Ok let me just explain it better so you understand. I had the old version and had all my playlists. I then had to reset my phone and reinstall everything. I got my playlists back somehow but noticed i have the new one installed. This version has many issues and no fixes that I could find (why release an update with problems before testing AND it was fine with the way it looked, if it aint broke dont fix it?). So I followed to install the old one, but of course all my playlists are GONE. And it cant import because it says there isnt anything there. BUt I put back the old one (because I need my playlists) and there they are! What the hell man.
  4. I tried that and it still won't keep my Playlists. This app is garbage! Bluetooth doesn't respond unless you tell your phone to do so, keeps playing even during a call on any app, headset resume doesn't work. Wtf is this bs. I want to transfer my Playlist so I can get away from this headache.
  5. I had to reset my phone because it was having issues. So once I re-downloaded everything, of course I got the newer version of the app (and it sucks and loaded with so many issues!). So I downloaded the older one but the thing is, when I got the new one, my Playlists carried over. However when I put the old one back, they are not there? I even imported my settings but still nothing came up. How did the newer one save my Playlists (about 6 of them with about 50-100+ in each) and imported them but now it won't?
  6. I have downloaded some skins but it won't let me change it for some reason.
  7. Can you not change the look on this? How many times I had hit the bottom part because of the different ratios of the screen now. This is infuriating.
  8. I don't really want to roll back and redo EVERYTHING again. I just want to disable the bottom part and have the top larger like it was before.
  9. Is there a way to get it to look as it was before? I had reset my phone recently and when I re-downloaded the app, it looks so different and weird. The album is shorter than the screen than it was before. Also the bottom part where it shows the wave of the song being played takes up half of the bottom screen. Having to swipe to the next song ends up seeking the current one and the album art is again just short. Is there a way to make it so it's a static album art and just the play buttons? Thanks.
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