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  1. Hello all, 1 - that's what I currently do. Ok for it. 2 - It seems that my android unit use a specific controller for steering wheel switch. It's not a BT one. it use 2 wire and sent a signal using different resisors. 3- nobody for a most adapted skin ?
  2. Hello all, So I use this famous app on my android car system and I need some help to fix some troubles. 1 - when I turn off my car, and turn it on later, the played song is not the same. At the app restore, it generaly play the next song and not at the begining. Is there a solution to restart the played song at the same place? 2 - Is it possible to use the steering wheel radio control ? All my steering switch are configured in the android system but has no effect in Poweramp. (except vol+/- that are managed by android system). How to set next and previous track for example. 3 - Do you know a fine skin that is car system designed ? I mean, landscape presentation, dark color, and bigger characters ? thanks
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