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  1. So unless Huawei releases an update that changes this there's no real way of getting around it? Shame.
  2. Thank you. Guess i'll leave it be for now. The strange thing is that when I up the SR, it shows it in the "actual" sample rate defined by device, but it just doesn't play. I'd think that if it wasn't possible at all it would give me an error message or something
  3. I'm using Huawei Mate 20 Lite and I just found out my audio_policy.conf probably has only 48kHz sample rate in it, as the other settings don't play on my phone. From my understanding it's possible changing this within the conf file but i'd have to root the phone for that. Now I'm fairly new to this whole ordeal, never rooted it before or know what it really involves. Would it even help?
  4. Poweramp version: V3 build 820 Model: Huawei Mate 20 Lite Android version: 8.1.0 Just started using this phone. I have the OpenSL ES Output, then the OpenSL ES Hi-Res Output and AudioTrack Output available. The Hi-res is only usable at 48khz 32 bit. if I switch it to anything else, be it 44.1 or 88 and up, the audio stops coming through. Poweramp still plays the song, doesn't show any error message. Any ideas on how to solve this?
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