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  1. No, I'd already done it, before I read this message, but where would I have exported them too??, I have my mobile, and a tablet, I'm not tech-savvy, as you can see
  2. I remember paying for s skin and widget from ikrolkov in the playstore years ago, I think it could have been called "future", then android changed from jellybean to KitKat, or KK to next, anyway the skin and widget wouldn't update, and he, or his Dev's never replied to us, as I remember there was loads of people stuck with it, while the other Dev's updated for us, So I wouldn't buy anything off ikrolkov again, myself. Just blanked hundreds ,or more of us.
  3. My music is mostly or all I think from frostwire plus, which had YT Music to choose from aswell, can anyone tell me how to get free music like I did with frostwire, I'm only using a OnePlus 5T mobile, in the UK
  4. I uninstalled the Poweramp app, re-installed it, it's back to normal now, and I've got pictures for my albums and songs, which I didn't have since the V3 update, I just have to make up my playlists again. Thanks for the help
  5. If I uninstall it, will I not lose all my music I have on it?
  6. My Poweramp V3 was playing normal on my phone, then all of a sudden no music is coming out of speakers, I've got another music player and it's ok., I just bought a skin for 89p, could that have done it??, Got from playdtore.
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