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  1. Then I want the app to minimize when I turn the screen off. No other app I use mimics this behavior. I turn the screen off and it stays off.
  2. I do want it kept on. But I don't want it TO TURN ITSELF BACK ON WHEN I TURN IT OFF. Staying on and turning on are two different concepts. Saying "why did you turn the light on if you didn't want it turning back on when you turned it off?" would be pretty stupid, don't you think? I want it on when I turn it on and off when I turn it off. I don't want it to have the power to turn itself on!
  3. If I turn the screen off while Poweramp is the active app, it will turn the screen back on, and then remain on forever, draining battery lkke crazy. "keep screen on" does not mean "wrest control from the user entirely and turn the screen on when it is off". This bug is enough to make me regret buying this app.
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