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  1. Hi there. There are a few scattered posts here and there regarding adding an update to the app that would allow one to browse by genre, then by artist (without having to see all the albums), then by album. This is an aspect of music browsing that hardly any Andriod app offers, but has been a standard on iOS since the beginning and it's one of the things I really miss. I love everything else about Poweramp, but what would make it perfect for me is to offer this, since I basically always browse my music by genre. it's pretty annoying to have to scroll through the list of all the albums each time
  2. Hi, I totally agree. Please add this feature!
  3. Hi, is anyone going to respond to this? This is the one single feature that annoys me about Poweramp (and almost every other Android music player out there). Any plans to add this feature?
  4. Hi, I'd realy like to echo all the above comments. I'm very surprised by how few (hardly any) Android music players allow a Genre, then Artists browse (without having to sort through all the albums first). Please, please, please add this feature, because I love everything else about this app. Thanks!
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