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  1. I solved the issue by downloading AIMP. It's not as cool and feature rich as Poweramp, but the simple and elegant library management it offers works much better for me than Poweramp's clumsy monstrosity. I'm sorry if I sound like an entitled asshole but i'm frustrated to see that the most advanced and nearly perfect Android music player has an overcomplicated and ultimately disfunctional playlist management.
  2. What's the purpose of that list at all if there's no good way of sorting the songs in it? It might as well show all the songs in random order, which it actually does in most sorting modes.
  3. I see quite a lot of feature requests here regarding sorting, so I decided to make another one. Currently, there's no good way to sort the "All tracks" list. Most of the sorting options like filename or track number make absolutely no sense for this list. Sorting by Author breaks the albums apart (it creates a mess if an album has several authors) it shuffles tracks within albums. I think currently sorting the All tracks list by author is unusable. The only somewhat usable sorting method for this list is by album. The albums are then sorted alpabetically, different authors are mixed. I t
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